Supported Mission Works





India-  Donald Weeks family

Middle East Region- Sam Stricklin family

Russia- Ron Reasoner family

Siberia-  Duane Hearron  family

Taiwan- Maurice Young family

Thailand-  Randy Ashcraft family

Mongolia- The Schmutzler family

Israel- Henry Benach family

- The Friends of Israel

- Jim Post

Japan- Christopher Walters family




Botswana-  Carl Clark family

Ethiopia-  Ray Hoover family

Cape Verde- Nathan Fritz family

Ghana- Baraka Hall family




Albania- Kirk King family

Croatia-  Kevin Brown family

England-  Wayne Grissom family

Germany- Clint Shipman family

Germany- Jacob Shipman family

Greece- George Dimakos

Ireland- Gene McKinley family

Portugal-  Scott Edwards family

Romania-  Garry Matheny family

Slovenia-  Monte Barlow  family

Spain- Thomas Corbello family

United Kingdom- Preston Cronan family 

Czech Republic- Tyler Nikkel family

Portugal-  Mark Hale family

United Kingdom- Preston Cronan family


Central and North America


Fiji-  Duane Onley  family

Papa New Guinea- Richard Crotts family

Phillipines   -  Armie Jesalva

                                       -  Robert Phillips family

                                              -  Fran Aquillinos family    

                                              -  Dennis Ebert  family         

                          -  Emanuel Digap

                                 -  William Bagaoisans

                                   - Dwight Bishop family

                                       -Miguel Bancolita family

                                    -Bible Baptist Seminary

                                      - Jonathan Mislan family

Central and North America

Central and North America

Central and North America

 Canada- Don Macfarlane family

Uruguay- Jesse Parnell family

Guatemala- Adrian Hernandez family

Mexico- Tim Urling family

South America

Central and North America

Central and North America

Argentina-  Joe Merlo family 

Brazil- Tom Brewer family

Chile-  Joel Solomon family

Home Missions

BBF Builders- Ron Trosclair family

Boots and Badges-  Kenny Cantrell  family

Luther Road Baptist Church - Dale Collins family

Kalamazoo Baptist Church- Seth Green family

Casas Adobes- Stephen Zimmeman family

Calvary Baptist Ministries, Eufaula, OK

New Testament Church Planters-  Drew Needham

Prison Ministries-  Jorge Varra 

Reformers Unanimous-  Ben Burks 

Rose Rock Baptist Church- Dustin Isom family

Sword Deaf Baptist-  Dean Francini family

The Navajo- Bobby Harjo family

Calvary Independent Baptist Church- Tyrone Barfield family

Beth Haven Baptist Seminary, Moore. Oklahoma

Tract Printing and Distribution- Jeff Benton

The Russians- Ron Reasoner